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There is art in thinking, in mental chaos, in anxiety, in neuro-diversity.


Art isn't about perfection. It's about what we feel, think and see.

The perception of art is different for every person because their brain, and their experiences, are different.


For some reason though, we’ve been taught to think that we have to power through life, to survive, instead of thriving. 


Cerebrations is the art of thinking. It’s the art of the beauty of the brain, and how it shapes who we are and what we do.


There is no one standard approach, app or easy program that will fix your negative thoughts, anxious reactions or complicated emotions.


Instead, we help you understand how your brain actually works so that each person can find and walk their own unique and beautiful journey - without guilt, shame or fear.. 


The art of anxiety.

The art of neuro-diversity.

The art of transitions.


Whatever challenges you face, you can learn to outsmart your brain, connect your mind to your vision of life and harness your internal strength and power to own and walk your journey. 


Cerebrations will empower you to learn to THRIVE, instead of just SURVIVE. To ACT instead of REACT.

You will learn to control your brain - so that it’s not controlling you.


You already have what you need to walk your journey. Cerebrations empowers you to tap into that strength and find the peace, and life, you design for yourself.


new brain coach...

Hi, I’m Mattie! 


I’m a social worker, counselor and coach who specializes in helping people with anxiety and neuro-diversity find their best life. 


With over 20 years’ experience working with people with varying life challenges, including neurodiversity, constant worry, and anxiety, I KNOW that when people understand how the brain works, it empowers them to change their brain patterns. 


AND I’ve walked this journey in my own life. I understand how it feels to constantly worry about family, friends, jobs, and ALL of the things that I have no power to change (and honestly, it’s not even my job, but more about that later). It’s a brain habit built over time, and a brain habit that can be changed. I invite you to take one step into this new path and find the mental peace that you crave and deserve.




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Mattie provided the guidance I needed for a journey I didn’t even know I was on. I thought anxiety was just something I had to live with. I didn’t know that I could control my thoughts and my reactions. Her ability to help me make sense of my brain and my experiences, and provide the tools I needed, has made such a difference in my day-to-day life.

Kathy B




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