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Transformational Coach, Bri Johns, Discusses How She Supports Clients Wanting to Make Positive Changes

Podcast Interview Summary for Transformational Coach Bri Johns

Introducing Bri Johns: Your Empowerment Coach


Get to know Bri Johns, an experienced empowerment coach who works with young adults, professionals, and women all across the nation. Originally from Southern California, Bri has over 20 years of coaching and leadership experience.


With Bri as your coach, you can expect:


+ Increased confidence and direction after major life changes

+ Guidance in pursuing new goals and dreams

+ Overcoming deep wounds and conflicts for freedom and peace

+ The courage to achieve what you once thought impossible

+ A deeper understanding and love for yourself

+ Heal pain from church hurt


After a coaching session with Bri, you'll feel unstuck, focused, and confident for your next step in life.


Discover what type of coach Bri Johns is, what a session with her looks like, and why she loves helping others through coaching. Learn about Bri's personal experience with coaching and who she loves to work with. Plus, get her best piece of advice for personal growth.



Podcast Chapters:


00:06 – 00:40 Where Is Bri From?


00:43 – 01:00  What Type of Coach is Bri Johns?


01:03 – 01:27   What Can I Expect Working with Bri?


01:30 - 02:39   What Does a Session with Bri Look Like?


02:41 – 03:29  What Does Bri Love About Helping Others Through Coaching?


03:30 – 05:45   How Did Bri Get Into Coaching?


05:46 – 07:37  Bri’s Personal, Powerful Experience with Coaching


07:38 – 08:37  Who Does Bri Love to Coach? 


08:39 – 11:32   Bri Johns’ Best Piece of Advice 


11:334 – 13:31  Those Experiencing Church Pain Find Support Through Coaching with Bri 


Bri likes to recommend the books below which can help enhance your personal development journey:







19:34 – 19:48  Interested in working with Bri Johns?

Connect with her at to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.




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