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“You have everything you need to thrive instead of survive. Cerebrations empowers you to tap into that potential and make it a reality.”

Thinking is an art, as individualized as you, your experiences, your beauty and your strengths. At Cerebrations, we understand the importance of each individual’s unique brain, life and story and how to tap into that power to create a life that cuts through the noise in your brain, calms the mental chaos and creates meaningful connections with your family and friends.  

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What Is Cerebrations?

How your brain is wired, or rewired after trauma, injury or life transitions, affects the way you think, feel and respond.

After 25 years of experience with people with anxiety, brain injury, stroke, trauma, chronic pain and auto-immune diagnosis, there’s one thing that is clear: all of these challenges change the way your brain works. Cerebrations starts with your brain and how it is functioning, reframing the shame that can come with living with the grief, loss and trauma of life, and provides you with the knowledge you need to tap into your own resilience and courage to create the life you desire…and deserve. 

Why brain coaching?

Coaching is solutions-focused and future oriented. Through our unique approach to understanding your individual brain and how it impacts all areas of your life, Cerebrations will guide you on your journey of discovering the calm from the mental chaos. You will build your unique tool box of knowledge skills and self-support to thrive instead of survive, even during the challenging times.

Not sure if coaching or counseling is your next step? Book a free connect call below and let’s talk. This process is about you, and your needs. Cerebrations can guide you through finding your next best path.

Have any questions? Click HERE to email Mattie Cummins.

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