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1:1 Coaching

Why Coaching?

Counseling focuses on the past. Coaching focuses on the present and future. With a strong background in brain function, Cerebrations will empower you to harness the power of the brain and body connection and live a life of intention.

1:1 Coaching
1:1 coaching focuses on YOU to build on  your inherent strengths so you can create  a laser-focus on decreasing the chaos in your life and creating a life of intention and joy. With a strong background in brain function and how your brain creates emotional and mental chaos because of anxiety, neuro-diversity and life transitions, 1:1 coaching empowers you to learn to control your brain, so it doesn’t control you.

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Group Coaching

Group coaching is all about COMMUNITY.

In a world of constant distractions, it’s so easy to feel disconnected. Cerebrations believes that the POWER OF COMMUNITY creates a space where we feel less alone, isolated and overwhelmed. 

Group coaching includes weekly educational videos and intentionality actions and a group chat function to connect with others, creates accountability with change and coaching guidance through the process. All group coaching is completed in cohorts to create a space that you are on the same path, at the same time with others, but ON YOUR OWN TIME. 


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Online Courses

Are you ready to make a change, dip your toe into coaching and experience the Cerebrations model of change?

This program is for you! AND it’s on your own time. No trying to find time in your schedule - it’s on demand and online. 

The Art of Anxiety course will empower you to understand what’s happening in your brain and determine a path to calm the mental chaos. Through these on your own time and on-demand courses, you’ll be empowered to successfully navigate all the competing areas of your life that cause feelings of pressure, chaos and leave you feeling exhausted. 

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