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Find the right tools at the right time on your journey to joy!


Joy Unleashed: the journal

Five Weeks to Peace,

Intention and Joy.

Are you a DIYer? This journal is for you. All of the education, activities and journaling you need to change the way your brain works, decrease your reactions, and empower you to find an intentional life of joy. Includes links to Mattie explaining all the brain and body things that you need to know.

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Joy Unleashed: Facebook Group

Community is the key to change. Looking for a connection to others that share your journey? Have questions about how others are creating intentional lives or struggling through change? Cerebrations invites you to join our Free FaceBook group, Joy Unleashed. Lean in.

Find your tribe.

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Coaching and Counseling

Need a guide?

Fidning a good counselor or coach to meet your unique needs is tough. We get it. Our goal is to provide the right counselor or coach at the right time. Meet our amazing team that provide services as unique as you.

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Online  Courses

Are you a visual and audio learner?

On demand and on your own time, our online courses will guide you through your journey of intentional living.

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