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Joy Book Club: Oola Life for Women

Updated: Feb 14

Cerebrations’ Mattie Cummins Discusses How the Joy Book Club Will Enhance Your Experience Reading Oola Life for Women. 

(transcription of above video below)

I have something very exciting I'm gonna invite you into. So, one of the things I find about myself is that I can read all the books and I can know all the things. But when I don't do change in community, it just really doesn't happen.


It just isn't as impactful as when I have someone to bounce these new ideas off of, when I have a community that is going through the same things as me.


When life feels overwhelming, stressful and there's all this stuff going on. I don't have any place to put that. I'm really great about reading books. I'm not great about finishing them, nor am I great about putting the practice into my everyday life.


A Book Club Designed with You in Mind

I'm very excited to be starting a book club for us. Not only reading books together that challenge us as women and help us find joy in life. But also, to figure out all the stuff we need to be doing for ourselves so that we can take care of other people.


A community that is going to help move those strategies we find in books into real life functioning. Those of you that have been around and watch my videos know I'm a joy coach. I really believe joy is an attainable place to be. It's not a goal.


When Life Is Challenging, We Need Tools We’ve Already Practiced

So, you can have all the strategies in the world. You can go to counseling, get all these strategies, but if we're not pulling out a toolbox when life hits, the strategies are the first thing that go. It's just the way that our brain works.


Giving Ourselves Grace the Way We Freely Give to Others

And so one of the things that I'm really focusing on this year is grace for myself. This is the conversation I'm having with a lot of my clients as well. The same grace that I give other people, I want to give to myself.


What I’ve found in the last couple weeks of doing this is that really when I can give myself grace for the things I know I should be doing, the things I need to be doing -  it's left so much room for me to actually do other things because I don't have this constant language where I'm beating myself up.                                                                                                                                                                           


The Joy Book Club First Book Choice: Oola Life for Women

One of the books that has been very impactful, that I love dearly is a book called

Oola. It's about finding balance in an unbalanced world and I'll be honest, the word balance kind of is really hard for me. Because I think that is a goal we think we can get to. Balance all depends on what's going on with our life.


So, I could have my finances in order, my health is in order, I'm taking care of myself, and I'm taking care of my family. But then when life hits, our brain is going to change and do different things. And so, we've got to be able to figure out how to pull out some other coping mechanisms, other tools out of our toolbox to be able to handle the stress and give ourselves grace through that.


I haven’t read Oola Life for Women. I'm super excited about this book because it's specifically designed for women, and this is going to be our first book that we're reading in the Joy Book Club.


What You Can Expect Inside the Joy Book Club

This is a free book club. I'm looking to do this in community.

I'm looking into how do we as women not only get all the information but actually find a way to use the information. I want to invite you into this book club.

We'll be meeting once a month online, so it's not going to be something that we're going to be doing every week because none of us have the time for doing that. It'll give us the space to be able to read the book and then have a conversation with other women that are going through the same things the rest of us are going through.


I invite you to check out the book, Oola Life for Women. I'm super excited about this and hope that you are too!

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