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Dump Resolutions. Create Your 2024 Theme Word.

Create the life you want in 2024 beginning with an intentional theme.

Resolutions are on most people’s minds at this time of year. If you’re anything like me, resolutions have always been hard to keep up with. Narrow and daunting, everytime I create resolutions, I feel like I’m destined to fail.


Consequently, my family and I have decided to do something new instead: theme words.


Choosing a Theme Word Instead of a Resolution Is Great for a Variety of Reasons:


-      Rather than specific requirements, theme words are vague, thereby removing the stress of preparing ourselves to meet our resolutions.


-      Chaos happens and our schedules change. We don’t know if our 2024 calendar will align with our specific resolutions.


-      Theme words can encompass multiple different aspects of our life, so instead of needing to make multiple resolutions, we can create a singular theme word.


My Theme Word for 2024 is Grace

To give an example, my theme word for this year is grace. So, when I make a mistake or mess up in 2024, I’m going to try not being so hard on myself.


This is much simpler than resolutions like “every time I make a big mistake, I need to meditate for ten minutes” or “I need to take a yoga class twice a week to manage the stress of mistakes”. Because I may not have the space, time, or energy to do that.


Let me know what your 2024 theme words are down below. I look forward to hearing how they work out for you and if you prefer them to resolutions!


And for more information on theme words, check out the YouTube video above. For additional empowering coaching tips, visit .


Happy New Year!


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