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Free Live Workshop
September 20 - 24 at 5PM PST

Workshop Information

Understanding Anxiety to Disarm It's Power

Defining Anxiety - Where Does It Come From

Monday, September 20 at 5PM PST

The Truth About The Brain-Body-Faith Connection

How The Brain Works - Childhood Experience

Tuesday, September 21 at 5PM PST

Is Anxiety A Tornado?

How It Is Affecting Your Life

Wednesday, September 22 at 5PM PST

How To Find The Peace You Crave Today

Balance The Brain, Body, and Faith Connection

Thursday, September 23 at 5PM PST

Navigating The Bumper Cars That Are Relationships


Friday, September 24 at 5PM PST

Mattie Cummins

Mattie Cummins, LMSW, is a social worker / journey coach who specializes in helping people with neuro-issues and anxiety find their next best life. She has over 20 years experience working with people with varying neurological issues and specializes in the grief/loss process, adjustments to life changes and coping with anxiety. Through brain education, assessing function, and helping people understand how their own personal "stuff" affects their relationships and their lives, she empowers people to find their new normal and make it their own!

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What People Say


After three brain surgeries, I experienced a HUGE drop in confidence, vision challenges, and lots of fear around my tumor growing back. I worked with Mattie to process through letting go of "I'm a brain tumor patient" and I'm stuck with no idea of how to get unstuck. Her counsel, insight, kindness, and resources helped me have a fresh outlook, I’ve landed my dream job, and I'm full of hope- something I haven't felt in over a decade!

Joey S


Kathy B

Mattie provided the guidance I needed for a journey I didn’t even know I was on. I thought anxiety was just something I had to live with. I didn’t know that I could control my thoughts and my reactions. Her ability to help me make sense of my brain and my experiences, and provide the tools I needed, has made such a difference in my day-to-day life.

Free Live Workshop
September 20 - 24 at 5PM PST

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