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Mental Health Awareness Month: YOU as a Whole Person

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and I want to talk to you about normalizing mental health. When we hear about mental health, we think about medical diagnoses like anxiety or depression. These two medical diagnoses really impact the way that our brain is working.    


Create Awareness Around Your Physical AND Mental Health                    

To me, mental health month means we're paying as much attention to our emotional health and how our brains are working around the stressors of life, as well as paying attention to how that's impacting our bodies.

Sometimes I struggle with the medical system because they want to separate the person, body, mind and soul. There are lots of reasons they do that (and a subject for another blog). But for me, when you separate the emotional health from physical health we miss a lot!

We don't live in a vacuum where each part of our body works separately. Your body is a whole being and so really this month is about how do we normalize, giving both our minds AND bodies attention, so we really understand how everything is working together.

You Don’t Need a Diagnosis to Feel Anxiety or Depression

I struggle with the word mental health a little bit just because I think that when we use words a lot, especially in the medical system, we stop paying attention to it. You may feel like that because you don't have diagnosed anxiety or diagnosed depression, it’s not that big of a problem.

The reality is we all have anxiety. We all go through depressive moments. It is not a big diagnosis that we have to get to really pay attention and normalize how we're doing in the world. Part of the reason why I think this is so important is anxiety is not a bad thing.

Anxiety and Depression Have a Purpose; Don’t Be Afraid or Ashamed to Acknowledge Your Feelings

My clients I work with specifically dealing with anxiety, I get this resistance around talking about anxiety. “Well, I don't really have anxiety.” We all have anxiety, and the reality is that anxiety is a process of the brain to keep us safe.

When you walk up to the edge of a cliff and you think to yourself, “Uh, I gotta get back. Back up a little bit.”, that's anxiety working in the way that it's supposed to! To keep you safe.

Depression, we all go through depressive moments where we're sad or we're just feeling overwhelmed. Or we just can't figure out how to get moving. That's depression and all it means is that your brain is just in a space where it can't seem to do what it's supposed to do. That’s all it means!

Join Mattie and Cerebrations During May’s Mental Health Awareness Month

Join me this month! I'm going to be dropping tools for you to use so you can better understand how anxiety and depression function in the brain. You’ll understand how to pay attention to your whole person to care for yourself.

I hope you'll go along this journey with me because I think it's going to be really fascinating. Did you hear something that really made sense to you, or did you think,” Oh, that's really interesting,”. Drop your thoughts in the comments.

Schedule a free consultation with one of Cerebrations’ coaches! Take the first step to caring for your whole self, mental health included.







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