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Are you paralyzed with overthinking? Feelings of constant mental chaos? Find it difficult to make decisions? Distracted by all the spinning chaos in your head? Ready to thrive instead of just surviving?


Either you control your brain, or it controls you.

As a social worker, counselor, and coach, I guide people with anxiety to harness the power of their brain and body connections to step boldly into their lives with intention and confidence. You already have the strength, experiences and brilliance – having someone guide you on the journey to decrease the mental chaos will empower you to unlock all of that beauty and step into a life of intention.

Mattie provided the guidance I needed for a journey I didn’t even know I was on. I thought anxiety was just something I had to live with. I didn’t know that I could control my thoughts and my reactions. Her ability to help me make sense of my brain and my experiences, and provide the tools I needed, has made such a difference in my day-to-day life.

- Kathy B -

Tried everything already?

If you’ve tried a few different techniques to calm your anxiety but you're still feeling frustrated and exhausted with the constant mental spinning, it’s time to try something different.

This is a structured approach that combines body + brain education and intention. That balance is powerful.

By learning how your brain works and working through a step by step program, you can silence the mental chaos and be more present at work and in your relationships and find joy in your life.


Are you ready to make a change? This program is for you! AND it’s on your own time. No trying to find time in your schedule - it’s on demand and online.

The Art of Anxiety course will empower you to understand what’s happening in your brain and determine a path to calm the mental chaos. Through these on your own time and on-demand courses, you’ll be empowered to successfully navigate all the competing areas of your life that cause feelings of pressure, chaos and leave you feeling exhausted.

The combination of tools that span brain + body help you act instead of reacting, rewire the brain and make you ready to adjust to life changes and challenges.

Understanding how your brain works and how it affects you and your relationships is just the first step to rewiring your brain. This course will provide you with specific tools that enable you to harness your own brain power and control your brain and anxiety, so it doesn’t control you!

This online and on-demand course is $97 (a $350 value) for four units/four weeks of education, workbooks and brain-changing intentionality actions.

This limited time price will be disappearing soon so now is the time to invest in yourself and your mental peace!

Each week provides you guidance on tools to help change the way your brain works, and the steps needed to find the calm in the chaos. This online course will kick start your journey in understanding how your brain interprets anxiety and chaos, and how to calm the spinning thoughts, indecisions, and constant guessing.
Meet your new brain coach
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Hi, I’m Mattie! 


I’m a social worker, counselor and coach who specializes in helping people with anxiety and neuro-diversity find their best life. 


With over 20 years’ experience working with people with varying life challenges, including mental chaos, constant worry, and anxiety, I KNOW that when people understand how the brain works, it empowers them to change their brain patterns. 


AND I’ve walked this journey in my own life. I understand how it feels to constantly worry about family, friends, jobs, and ALL of the things that I have no power to change (and honestly, it’s not even my job, but more about that in the course). It’s a brain habit built over time, and a brain habit that can be changed. I invite you to take one step into this new path and find the mental peace that you crave and deserve

Program Benefits

You will gain a thorough understanding of what is happening in your brain and how it is affecting your functioning.

You will feel empowered to take control of your brain habits, so your brain is not controlling you.

You will rewrite your story and understand that your status quo today is not your destination.

This is a journey and there is no quick fix – but this dedicated program will provide lasting results

There are so many things I didn’t understand about how my brain works in the mental chaos. Some of the best things I learned is that I don’t have to be perfect and there isn’t a quick fix for my anxiety. Mattie really helped me find the tools that were right for me and her compassionate accountability was important in the process.

- Karen M -

This is a 4 week kickstart to transformation education program with tools, homework, handouts and workbook for $97 (for a limited time).

Is your anxiety or brain injury affecting your relationships? Your job? Your happiness?

Imagine no longer being controlled by your anxiety.

Imagine waking up feeling empowered, confident, and excited for a new day. 

Imagine having a strong sense of self, and the ability to slow thoughts down and make intentional decisions.

Imagine decreased stress in your home and relationships because you are acting instead of reacting.

Click here to book a complimentary call with Mattie Cummin’s and take one step forward today toward mental clarity. 

Journey Coach
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