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Counseling done.
Your way.

Finding a counselor is hard. We get it. At Cerebrations, we want to make the experience as easy as possible, for you, your time and your needs.

Cerebrations' counselors focus on you and your needs. Through the initial free consultation, you will have the opportunity to experience how you and the life you want are the focus of what we do.

Our counseling focuses on:

  • Changing negative thoughts and brain patterns to decrease anxiety, worry and stress.

  • Building on the strengths you have, and adding in tools that work for you.

  • Thriving, instead of just surviving, today and for the future.

  • Specialties include: adults with anxiety, neuro-diversity, depression, brain injuries, chronic pain, stress, grief and life's challenges. Not sure if you're a good fit? Book a free consult and let's chat.

  • Telehealth is available.

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HSA and OON Billing Assistance

While we don't currently accept insurance, we make billing your HSA and Out of Network billing simple. 

Telehealth Available

We are committed to quality telehealth services, in the comfort and emotional security of your home.

You Are a Whole Perosn

Cerebrations is unique in that we see you as a whole person, with a whole life and unique circumstances. We tap into these strengths to empower you to create the intentional and authentic life you crave.

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